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How Debt Settlement Works

How it works? It's simple.

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1. Tell us about your debt

The first, and perhaps most important aspect of dealing with your debt issues, is to identify the full gravity of the situation. This is the time to write down every debt you owe, and the different types of debt involved. Our debt relief program is specifically tailored and designed for unsecured debts totaling over $2500. To get the ball rolling, all that we require from you initially is the total amount of money you currently owe. Sometimes, when people realize how big this total is, it can come as quite a shock – Don’t Worry! That is exactly the type of problem that is our specialty. This is the first step of the rest of your life.

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2. See What You Could Save

Once we have all of the relevant details, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost of your new repayments, once you are enrolled in our program. In the vast majority of cases, our clients are thrilled at how much money they will save, typically about 33 percent of their current debts.

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3. Enroll In Our Program

The next and final step is to enroll in the Fresh Start Debt Relief Program. The entire process from start to finish has been designed to be simple and straightforward. Your only regret will be not finding us sooner.

Debt Settlement Frequently Asked Questions

At Fresh Start, we are always open and honest with our clients, and the reality is that if you are contemplating a debt settlement program, your credit score is probably already declining. Using the Fresh Start debt settlement program will begin to rebuild your credit score, as the process starts to work. Each time, one of your old debts is settled, this will show as a positive on your credit report.

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